Where do we begin and end?

I allowed my mind to take a little walk. I indulged a train of thought and here is the outcome. Just a bit of brain mastication.

Scientists might tell us there are many things our brains simply aren’t capable of fathoming, such as infinity, how infinitely small the Universe can be and how infinitely large. In order to function we generally need to be able to put boxes around things. Goals, limits, boundaries. It is difficult to live in a boundary-less world and to do so does this mean to not exist at all?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are each a drop in the ocean of the collective, all one. Every tiny little thing one person does affects another in some way. We are dynamic, constantly interacting, simply by our very existence. Constantly readjusting ourselves in order to find that balance and just when we think we have found it the Universe throws us another curve ball and we embrace it.

Nigel Taylor brought my attention to a metaphor.

“God and I are two fat people in a boat, constantly adjusting to try to balance and not tip over, and laughing the whole time”.

This is the dance, the dance of life, the perpetual motion.

So when we apply this to life as we know it, you know, the life that is like ‘Coronation St.’ The ordinary person. How do we apply it? How can we be individuals and part of the One at the same time? Does that mean that every ‘bad’ thing that happens to us is in some way our fault? How can we be the same ‘thing’ as the person we most hate or the person who causes us most grief? How can we be one with fascist leaders and murderers? Are they too part of us? We look at each other and we can see where one person ends and another begins so what is this idea of all being the same when visibly we are separate? We are solid, but what is solid? Underneath it all we are just a vibration, every part of our being is made up of atoms and molecules, the same as those that surround us. Nothing is solid really. Solid is a state of mind.

Accepting that brings us on to the next level where miracles become possible. But what is a miracle? Is a miracle not that we can have a thought impulse, a simple electrical moment which can ultimately cause our entire physical leg to move or kick a ball?

Rather than think of us all as a drop in the ocean I like to think of us in more of a fractal way. That we are all that which makes up each of us individually. In the same way that cells make up our body. We have skin cells, heart cells, muscle cells, brain cells. But with the exception of the nerve cell all of our cells are made the same way and they all have the capacity to take on whatever function they are needed for. It is almost as though the cell responds to the collective consciousness of the cells around it and it adapts. Much like we do. If we are put into a situation where there is nothing but fighting, we eventually learn to fight and so on. Is it possible for that one little cell to then on the same note influence the cells around it? What if we were to look at ourselves as cells in the body of Earth. Do we cause Earth pain because we have forgotten our function? To cause Earth pain is to cause ourselves pain as we are inextricably linked.

The problem with all this is, it is idealistic. If we all to suddenly become aware that we are nothing but vibrations and that really nothing can hurt us, that we are all one and the same, that no food is poisonous to us, that nothing is beyond our reach, that we can manifest all we desire at any time and we master this energy. What would happen if every single person in this world did this, became aware of this? We would cease to exist! Not as spiritual, energetic beings, we would still be that, as part as the drop in the ocean but as human beings in physical bodies we would cease to exist, as would our pain and suffering and we would know only bliss. And that is daunting to many as it would mean to love all including yourself unconditionally and it would mean letting go of all pain and hardship that you have worked so hard to establish. But what if we did it. Once we had done it we wouldn’t be worried about all we had lost because we would be in bliss. We would have evolved! Is this the next step?

Just food for thought! :)



  1. I love the person I see in your blogs. Your buiutafel heart and your brilliant mind it’s just not fair that you should also be such an incredible artist/photographer. Nobody should have that much going for them. hee hee* You’re going to do great things in this life and touch many people’s lives as you have already. Time will bring even more wisdom & experience for growth.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be
    waiting for your further post thanks once again.

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